About VinMagazine

Who we are

VinMagazine is a media platform founded by VinUniversity students to create a space for Vietnamese youths to share their creations, ideas and perspectives on their own terms. At the same time, VinMagazine operates as an independent source for news from VinUniversity.

VinMagazine has both online and print products.

What we bring to the table

The Magazine publishes various types of content revolving around 6 main categories:

  • Student Life
  • Business
  • Health Science
  • Science & Technology
  • Arts & Culture
  • Society & The World

Works take on various forms, including but not limited to:

  • Personal works (art, prose, photography…) from students writers or contributing writers
  • Informative or analytical articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Reviews on events, films, books, products or exhibitions
  • Interviews with school’s lecturers, staff and students

VinMagazine operates primarily through online channels: VinMagazine Website, Facebook Page and publishes an annual Special Print Edition in the summer.

Mission and Vision

VinMagazine’s central mission is amplifying the voices of Vietnamese youths on important issues related to our times. We understand the increasing significance of the role of youths in shaping society, and believe that by empowering young people to speak up, share their creations and tell their stories, we can encourage them to take ownership of their future. VinMagazine strives to grow into a leading youth-centered multimedia platform, powering a movement of change.

What makes us special

  • We are proactive go-getters with a can-do mindset
  • We communicate transparently and share knowledge generously
  • We dream big and are laser-focused on results
  • We are constantly re-inventing ourselves and are never satisfied with “just enough”
  • We believe in our team and help each other grow

Our achievements

First generation (2020 - 2021)

  • 4,400+ readers on the VinMagazine website
  • 14,700+ views of VinMagazine online articles
  • 700 copies of VinMagazine Print Issue entirely sold out and in demand for reprint
  • 9,000,000 VND raised for National COVID-19 vaccine fund through "Bundle of Joy" writing contest

Second generation (2021 - 2022)

Book Publication Project "Từ Điển 202X"

Collaboration for publication of "Từ Điển 202X" between VinMagazine and Alphabooks

"Từ Điển 202X" is the first Gen Z dictionary written by young people, compiled by VinMagazine, and published in collaboration with Alphabooks. The book has been released since September 2022.

  • 5 topics: Science & Technology, Health, Arts & History, Media & Culture, Business
  • 50+ contributors, with working experts from each topic
  • 30+ writers, including VinMagazine in-house writers and collaborative authors
  • 600 pre-orders country-wide since April 2022

Monthly online issue

Monthly coverage on a wide range of topics (technology, lifestyle, healthcare, culture and original works) published on VinMagazine website.

News coverage

Recaps of noticeable events and important dates in 2021.